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Верните все взад!

По ЖЖ прокатилась волна воплей: "Что дееелать, я не могу выделять текст на странице!". Виной всему - автоматическая смена дизайна ЖЖ с XColibur на Horizon, о чем мы уже писали и даже называли дату нововведения. Если вас сложившееся положение вещей не устраивает, меняйте на что-нибудь более привычное тут.

15.09.06 18:56 // kbke // Полезно[ весь блог ]

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turan4oks 15.09.06 20:25 ::  
Чорт, а я думал, у меня IE глючит :)) Спасибо за разъяснения.

vadeemka 15.09.06 21:32 ::  
firefox -полет нормальный

onecap 15.09.06 22:14 ::  
хехе ) весело у вас %)

mio_milano 16.09.06 11:54 ::  
Firefox и Opera - полёт нормальный )

av8612 16.09.06 13:22 ::  
ff+новый стиль
щастье есть

aoutien 16.09.06 22:03 ::  
"They know.

Every other comment here is the same friggin' complaint, actually. I already responded to as many as I could with my solution, but everyone's pissed at me now because I used an agressive tone and I didn't need to. I only did it because the first one I wrote was directed at the dicks of LJ, and then I copy/pasted that one to everyone else. Talk about a fuck-up. But anyway, here's something you can do:

You can still highlight if you REALLY need to. I'm sorry you'll have to spare an extra millesecond to make it work, but it's the price you learn to pay I guess.

Try to highlight something you want. It won't work yet, but bear with me. Now hold down the 'shift' button, then click ONE time where you stopped TRYING to highlight. Everything you wanted should now be highlighted.

Similarly, you can double click a single word to highlight just that word. Triple-click and the paragraph (or in LJ's case, the comment or post) that word is in will automatically highlight. You can also highlight an entire paragraph (again, on LJ this means comment or post) by holding 'ctrl' and clicking anywhere on that paragraph. You can also do the 'ctrl+A' thing to highlight EVERYTHING on a page. Another fun trick: When typing something, like this comment here, you can hold shift and move the arrow keys to highlight something, one letter at a time, with the keyboard alone. Holding 'ctrl' at the same time as shift and moving the arrow keys will cause the cursor to skip and highlight entire WORDS, not just letters. (You can also use only 'ctrl' and the arrow keys to jump around quickly, without highlighting.) There are other functions like this, play around with your keyboards, you'll be pleasantly surpised. Give it a try.

Or like the_reverand says, you can just use FireFox. But I hate FireFox, so I'll be holding shift till they get it fixed. :-P

velhan 17.09.06 0:17 ::  
Лиса - супер. Horizon рулит.

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